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Discover The Speed Training Secrets to Unlock the Potential in Your Young Athlete To Run Faster, Move Quicker, And Jump Higher Using PSTI's Revolutionary "Xplosive Functional Training" System...

Never before has a speed training system like the XFT been revealed to youth and high school athletes.

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Have you ever seen your young athlete...

• Out-run by a step...

• Out-jumped by an inch...

• A step behind because of a lack of change of direction...

• Beat by a less-skilled player who was just a little faster and quicker...

• Lack coordination and body control...

• Seek out coaching on how to run faster, move quicker, and jump higher,
but get no help...

C.J. Easter

From: C.J. Easter

Bay Area, CA

Dear Parent of Success-Minded Athlete,

"Get fast or get left behind!" is one of our sayings at PSTI. In today's youth and high school sports, this saying is becoming increasingly true. As I'm sure you've seen and experienced, the best players are most often the fastest and quickest players on the court or field.

So you might be thinking, my kid just doesn't have the genetics to be fast. BUT LET ME TELL YOU THE GOOD NEWS (CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF)... SPEED CAN BE TAUGHT. Yes we all do have a genetic ceiling (for some this ceiling is higher than others), but very few athletes are using their body to full efficiency and maximizing their speed potential. A proper speed training system can help your athlete bridge the gap between their performance and their potential. A less naturally gifted athlete who is coached to maximize their body efficiency can surpass a naturally gifted, but inefficient athlete. As they say "hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard."

Our Speed and Agility Camp is the first of its kind in the Bay Area! Most camps focus on a single sport with a 99% focus on sport-specific skill development. Within these camps, there is typically a quick warm-up that includes a small emphasis on proper body mechanics (You might hear a coach say "Get lower" or "Bend your knees" every now and then). And usually, athletes are allowed to rush through these drills without attention-to-detail to get to the other drills and games. Rarely do you leave these camps with practical drills and techniques to help you prevent injuries, run faster, move quicker, and jump higher.


But don't believe me, read what other athletes, coaches, and parents have to say about our programs...

  • Keep going. You are going to be the standard-setter.

  • - Bill T., Football Coach and Parent

  • My daughter played her first soccer tournament this weekend, and we could see her with more confidence. She was fit and she was able to move quicker when making cuts and taking defenders in the field. We are very happy that she was able to attend.

  • - Elvira M., Soccer Parent

  • I would like to thank you for working with Cherene. I truly believe with your help my daughter has not only increased her jumping capability but also her confidence towards playing volleyball. Cherene came into your class averaging about 2-3 blocks per tournament and now is averaging about 1-2 blocks [sometimes more] per game per tournament. Her confidence level has elevated to a higher level and she is having a lot more fun playing middle.

  • - Jack U., Club Volleyball Parent
  • As coaches we work hard at developing the mental and physical skills of the games and our friends at PSTI prepare our players to be better, faster, and stronger. We feel that PSTI gives our players the extra edge they need to compete with the best. The trainers are excellent motivators, knowledgeable, and passionate about their training. It is an excellent program and we recommend it to any other teams or clubs looking for an extra edge in training.

  • - Hanah K., Club Volleyball and Basketball Director

  • PSTI has been one of the best training camps I have ever been to. PSTI helped me get faster and stronger really fast. The staff is great, they really know what they are doing and have lots of experience. Joining PSTI has made me a stronger and better person in life and on the field. If your looking to be a better athlete PSTI is the best fit for you!

  • - Matt, High School Athlete

  • PSTI helped me rehab from my ACL injury. Their speed training sessions were the reason that I made the San Jose State Football team.

  • - Ali M., College Athlete

  • PSTI is an effective method of becoming a greater athlete. The coaches are personal and want you to succeed just as much as you want to succeed. They will push you to try your hardest and teach you new techniques for running and jumping. This program works. It is not focused on any sport, it makes you a better athlete. Fast, Strong, Explosive. Three words that every athlete could be better at.

  • - Keenan, High School Athlete

  • I really liked this camp because it really perfected my running mechanics.

  • - Maya, Youth Athlete

This Clinic ISN'T for...


• Want to spend their summer break on the couch playing video games and watching TV

• DON'T want to reach their athletic potential

• DON'T want to learn from the experience of athletes who have played at the highest levels of athletics

• DON'T have the drive to continuously improve themselves

This Clinic IS for...



• Want to get faster, quicker, and more explosive

• Want to stay injury-free this season

• Love their sport

• Will take the tools that they are taught and apply them beyond the clinic

• Understand that paying attention-to-detail results in being a better player and winning more games

Our Philosophy

Xplosive Functional Training

Our training philosophy revolves around our Xplosive Functional Training (XFT™) System. Devised in the weight rooms and on the fields of Stanford University, our philosophy is designed to create thoroughbreds, not plow horses. A plow horse carries a lot of weight over a long period of time, but moves slowly and clumsily. A thoroughbred carries light loads for short distances, but always trains at full speed and moves fluidly with explosive speed. With all the demands on the time of today's young athletes, they must train like a thoroughbred and be as efficient and effective as possible. The XFT System is about efficiency and maximization: using efficient training practices to teach efficiency and functionality in movement patterns to maximize an athlete's talents.

The XFT System treats an athlete's body like a machine. Before we speed up the machine, we make sure it is at its functioning at maximum efficiency. This is done by teaching proper body mechanics and increasing functional flexibility. If we don't correct movement patterns before we speed up or strengthen the machine, the system will break at the weak point or compensate at another point. The end result is inefficient movement or injury.

Our #1 goal is to create healthy athletes. We understand that performance in sports is measured on the field, not in any weight room. Our philosophy as strength and conditioning professionals is to create programs that compliment sport-specific skill development. The best athlete is an injury-free athlete that can practice at full speed and effort everyday. An athlete that practices everyday improves the most and is best able to service their role on the team, whether that role is star player or practice squad role player.

Here are some of the things that your athlete will discover Speed and Agility Camp that will take their training to the next level...

• How to activate the most important sprinting muscles

• How to create muscle memory of the proper knee lift and body lean

• How to get triple extension in every stride

• How to train for an efficient leg cycle

• How to extend stride length

• How to increase stride frequency

• How to create proper arm action

• How to turn your daily warm-up into daily speed and agility development

• How to teach explosive and violent changes of direction

• How to activate the nervous system for explosive movement

• How to land with proper mechanics to avoid injury

• How to have body control

• How to increase knee stability and balance

• How to compete at full speed without compromising form

So you probably have some questions...

Q: What is the age group for this camp?

This camp is designed for ages 10-18. The body mechanics of running and jumping are the same regardless of age and often the younger athletes improve more than their older counterparts because they do not have years of bad habits built into their muscle memory. The earlier that we can establish proper form and training habits the better.

Q: How will I know that my athlete has improved?

We will measure sprint and T-Drill times (for speed and agility) and vertical jump and broad jump (for explosion) at the beginning and end of each camp.

Q: What results should I expect?

You should expect up to 1-2 seconds faster on the sprint and T-Drill times and a 4-6 inch increase in both vertical and broad jump, depending on the athlete's effort level. This camp will not be easy, but if you put in the work, the results will come.

Q: Who will be coaching this program?

The PSTI staff of former collegiate athletes will be coaching the program. Each of our Performance Science trainers have been thoroughly trained in our XFT System and are experts in the science of speed and jump training.

Q: What is a typical session like at the Speed and Agility Camp?

We begin each session with leg cycle mechanics to build muscle memory of the proper movement mechanics. We then go through a dynamic neuromuscular activation to prepare the body to be explosive. After we've built a strong foundation of proper body mechanics, we proceed into our patented mix of acceleration, change of direction, sprint resistance, and sprint assistance drills. We finish off each session with core stability and a static stretch.

Q: Why are the sessions only three hours a week?

Because the sessions are intense and the muscles need recovery between workouts to make gains. To be most effective, every drill must be done at maximum effort and the research shows any more than three hours a week would be counterproductive for the type of gains that we are looking to make.

Q: Can I do two Speed and Agility Camps this summer?

Yes, you can! And you can expect to take additional tenths off your sprints and add an additional couple inches to your vertical!

Q: I'm doing another camp during the day. Can I still do this camp?

Yes, that is why the program is scheduled for the evening, so that you can still attend your daily skills camps and hone your game and then join us in the evening and become a better athlete. We are looking to compliment and supplement, not replace or compete with, your skill development.

Q: I'm experiencing some growth pains in my knee. Is this camp ok for me?

As long as a doctor has cleared you, then yes, you may participate. This camp will be good for you because it will increase functional flexibility which may alleviate pain in the knee and you will develop proper muscle memory as you're younger and these proper mechanics will be engrained for life. The knee discomfort may be caused by years of moving incorrectly and we can help correct those movement patterns as well.

Q: What if I have other questions?

Feel free to call us at 650-561-3140 or email us at

PLUS... We're the only camp around that has the confidence to guarantee our program!
100% Money Back Guarantee


Now that we've answered your questions AND you've got our guarantee,


  • Gunn High School
  • 780 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
    July 18th - August 12th
  • 6:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Your Special Registration Price: $300

We look forward to working with your athlete!

Dedicated to your health and fitness,

C.J. Easter, CPT

President | PSTI

P.S. So parents, imagine your kid after summer break...


• Three months older

• Slower

• Still injury-prone

• Satisfied with watching the competition run past them

• Really good at video games

Video Games


Victory Baby


• Faster, quicker, and more explosive

• More knowledgeable of proper body mechanics to maximize their ability

• Aware of their deficiencies and how to correct them to avoid injury

• Familiar with the dedication that it takes to be a successful athlete

• Happy and confident that they became a better, more-driven person and athlete


  • Gunn High School
  • 780 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
    July 18th - August 12th
  • 6:30pm - 7:30pm
  • Your Special Registration Price: $350